Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Illness, Exhaustion and Bills. Oh My!

It's been one of those weeks (and it's only Wednesday). You know the ones, where if it can go wrong, it will? Nothing major, mind you - for which I'm thankful, but those little nitty-gritty things that nip at your heels enough 'till you just want to slump onto the couch in your most comfy pjs and pull a blanket over your head 'till morning.

First, after months of listening to the increased racket our 40+ year old boiler's been making and the occassional repair job, it finally kicked the bucket and our home warranty company that we've been paying into since moving in to this house wouldn't cover it. (Can anyone else hear that cha-ching sound?) Then my precious DD (Darling Daughter) started feeling ill. I suspected I knew the cause - a UTI (there's really no mistaking those symptoms) but upon our visit to the doc, results were negative. But sometimes - no, make that many times - a mother just knows. But home we went. 2 days, much pain, many tears and 2 sleepless nights later (and a missed Bible study - a Beth Moore video day no less), we're back at the doc. This time, however, the infection is raging and confirmed by the test.

We were told it didn't show up the first time because it may have been just too early in the infection. Part of me accepts that explanation because I've gotten to the point for myself where I don't even go to the doctor for some things until I've been sick for at least 2 weeks. On the other hand, gimme a break. I'm no doctor, but I am my DD's mother and like I said, there's just no mistaking those symptoms.

However, being a glass-half full kind of gal and knowing that my Redeemer lives (got the tune in your head yet?), here are the blessings in the midst of our temporary afflictions. While a new boiler is a pricey little item to replace, my BH (beloved husband) did manage to get a very good deal. Probably saved us about $1500. The house is warm and clang-free. AND my little boy,who just loves to watch workers do what they do, got a surprise gift from the boiler man - a way cool, model pickup truck with a cab-thing that attaches to the back and 2 little boilers to go inside. He is a very happy camper.

As for my DD, after only one dose of her antibiotic, she is already feeling some better. But what was really touching was last night, in the midst of her discomfort, hearing her pray to Jesus to not only make her better but to give her strength to get through the pain. She prayed her little heart out through her tears. We had the sweetest talk after which she was blessed with sound sleep for the rest of the night and woke up feeling some better.

So Praise God. He is good and always taking care of us. 1Peter 5:7

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leemomalot said...

happy blogging. Sorry it's been a tough week. Hope it gets better and that S heals up quickly.
---Lee W