Friday, August 22, 2008

A Clean Slate

My has it ever been a busy week. You met the newest addition to our family in the previous post. His official name is...........Apollo (after Rocky's Apollo Creed - another boxer)! At least I think that's the official name. Yeah, we're pretty sure. Once we had him home, Hershey didn't seem to fit and Hubby didn't like Cooper (though the rest of us still kinda do).

George brought him home Monday morning. I had no idea he was going out so early to get him. I was still sort of asleep but mostly I was in denial of being awake when I got this feeling that someone was looking at me. I opened my eyes to the cutest little puppy face.

That first day all Apollo really did was sleep. He just seemed so overwhelmed and afraid of everything. We brought him outside to introduce him to some of the neighbors and he was incredibly shy even with the other puppies in the neighborhood. He's since come out of his shell a bit and his favorite place to be in under the dining room table. He seems to feel safe there.

It's been a long time since we had a puppy in the house so maybe I just don't remember this with the other puppies I've had in my life but I'm most struck by the fact that he knows next to nothing. I don't mean that in a negative way at all. He's just so new to everything - a completely clean slate. We've got to teach him everything. Like that stuff I put in that bowl on the floor is for him to eat. I had to coax him to eat by dropping little bits of food leading to his bowl until he he figured out it was ok. He's starting to learn how to go up the stairs but seemed to get a little dizzy climbing the stairs to the deck (he kept looking down). Good thing I was behind him. Going down the stairs is a whole other story; he's not even considering that yet. Walking with a collar and leash is just wrong as far as he's concerned and he doesn't like it at all though he's getting a little better. The first few times he just wouldn't move. He sat or laid down and that was it. By Wednesday, we managed to get around the block with him - it took an hour but we did it.

In addition to all this, he is full of puppy kisses, "talks" to his toys (he already has a favorite, a little stuffed monkey) and has twice slept the whole night. He's got the cutest little face and we just love, love, love him. Here are some pics to see why.

How you doin'

Apollo LOVES the sandbox


Nose to Nose

Sizing each other up...

Sleepy boy

That can't be comfortable

Boys best friend


Here's lookin' at you


Karen M said...

Love the pics. They are too cute! Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Mel,He is so cute.

LynnSC said...

Oh Melanie...

That is the cutest little dog I have ever seen... including the one that lives at my house. It is great that he is so cute... because when he does all those things that puppies do... you will already be in love with him.

Can't wait to see more pics
Thanks for sharing with us,

calista said...

You have beautiful babies, all of them, INCLUDING that sweet bag o' wrinkles puppy. I wanted to kiss his nose so bad! Thanks for visiting my site. NEW bloggies unite!! We'll get it all figured out, I have confidence in us.


Tater Mama said...

Love, love, love that puppy - especially the picture of him asleep under the table, proving that dogs can sleep in all sorts of uncomfortable positions!

I'm enjoying your blog and will pop in again soon!