Sunday, May 3, 2009

Results, Travel and Plans, Oh My!

Happy Sunday, folks. I completely overslept today so no church for us. Man, and I really wanted to go today. Oi.

Well results from my biopsy came in the very next day and they were negative - no cancer. It was a (and forgive my probably misspelling) fibroadnoma. Thanks so much for your prayers. It truly means so much to me that folks I've never even met took time to pray for me. That's such a God thing. I love Him - and you - for that. I have a follow-up this week with my doctor who will explain exactly what a fibroadnoma is (which is good since I really haven't had time to look it up) and to discuss options like to remove or not to remove. From my understanding at this point, I shouldn't need to remove it since it's no more likely to turn cancerous than any other cell in there. That being the case, I don't believe I want to have my breast opened up again no matter how teensy the opening. The only thing I'm concerned about is that ever since the biopsy, I have this very uncomfortable lump there. My guess is that it might be a hematoma and if it is, I don't know what they typically do about that.

In other news, the reason I didn't post my results sooner is because the very next day we took off on a very long drive down to Florida to...HOUSE HUNT! I'm not sure that I've posted before that back in February we put our house up for sale. We weren't sure if it would sell with the market the way it is AND we didn't know where we would go if it did. We were considering NC and FL because we have friends and/or family in both places. We were all a little shocked when a serious buyer came along two months later. So far things seem to be going well and though there are still a couple of things that could trip this up, we are trusting God that if this is indeed His plan for us, all will go well. We want nothing more than to be in the center of His will for our family wherever and whenever that takes or keeps us.

So within a matter of days, we looked at 20-30 homes in central FL and ultimately decided to build in a town that we had originally said we didn't want to consider. This is a very funny testimony in the making if this goes through all the way, I'll tell ya. Well funny to us, anyway.

SO, now all we have to do is start packing, find a rental place in FL we can live in 'till the house is ready in Sept/Oct, figure out what in the world we're doing with the animals 'cause of course we're going away on vacation about the same time as the move...sigh... Can you sense my joy? Anybody got some boxes? Anybody wanna help? C'mon, I'll make lunch! All prayers are appreciated as always.

And as always, I pray YOU will...

Be blessed.


Debi said...

Hi Melanie, Praise God for your test results, I know you must feel so relieved.

We also overslept and missed church, which is something we rarely do. I hate it when this happens.

Good luck with the new home and the move.

Anonymous said...

Yea!! I had no idea about your biopsy! I will forward to you my address and ph# via email. Woohoo! Florida her you all come! ;) Good luck w/all of that! We are doing very well. Mark and I are involved in Chris' Cub Scouts and Casey is 3 going on 13!! Chris is doing well in his 2nd grade--all As all year!! Yea!! Take care my friend!! KIT! TTYL Tina