Sunday, August 16, 2009

No More Life As Usual

In church today, the pastor challenged us to ask ourselves if we would be willing to let God shake us up a little and bring us out of our "life as usual." I couldn't help but think about our new life here in FL. Definitely not life as usual.

We've never lived in an area like this before and honestly, it's going to take some getting used to. Now don't get me wrong; I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just not what we're used to - it's different and that doesn't automatically mean bad.

I'm the first to admit we've been downright spoiled by always having easy access to whatever we needed right at our finger tips and rarely more than a ten-minute drive. We're typical suburbanites. Work, shopping, doctors, friends, church, school - you name it - all right there. Here, in our little corner of central Florida, if you're not passing an orange grove, you're passing a lake...a big one, so that means it takes a little while to get anywhere 'cause you've got to get around that orange grove and around that big ol' lake.

The general pace around here is slower than what we're used to also which is, for the most part, fine with me since I tend to pace myself rather slowly anyway but is still one of the things we're having to get used to. When we want to go somewhere, we're used to getting there NOW. It seems a major drag to have to take all that extra time to get around that, albeit pretty, lake. We whole-heartedly believe in stopping to smell the roses but wonder why it is that some people have to take so L O N G to smell them. Let's sniff it and move on, people...gotta go Go GO!

For the record, I really do like it here. While our drive to Walmart would probably be a lot shorter if it weren't for the lake, I really do find it rather peaceful looking at it on my way. Though I doubt any of us would say no to an offer of prayer for our time of adjustment. I completely believe God has a purpose and a plan for us here which is why I can accept and even look forward to breaking out of my "life as usual".

How 'bout you? Be blessed.

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