Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Need My Homework!

My small group and I just finished up Beth Moore's Bible study, "Jesus the One and Only" and this has been my first week without homework to do. I don't like it. Our group decided to break for the summer months and get back into the in-depth study thing in the fall.

Something I've discovered about myself is that I really do better with a schedule. It must be the accountability or something. That or maybe that old saying about idle hands. What IS that saying, anyway? I can't remember but I know it's not good. Bad to be idle. Don't want idle hands.

The fact is, I enjoy being in the Word and when I don't get into it regularly, I feel the difference. I suspect, however, there's also a bit of that "it's all in my head" kinda thing going on here too because, while I'm sitting here lamenting over not having anymore Bible study homework to do, the irony is that for the last...oh, let's say - many - weeks now, I haven't even generally started my homework until Thursdays and sometimes not until the weekend. Ok, Sunday. Mind you our group meets on Monday nights. But just knowing that I don't have any homework to do - absolutely nothing to even get a late start on, is a bummer.

On the plus side, my group HAS decided to do one of Beth's three-week video lectures, "Wising Up" from the book of Proverbs. There's no homework but it'll be good. We start next week. Then we're going to do a once-a-month summer book discussion type of thing. And THEN, my sweet, just-turned-12 daughter asked if she could do a Bible study too. So my friend and I are going to help lead the kids in their very first official Bible study during the summer. I found a great one online called "Jesus in the Spotlight" by Kay Arthur and Cyndy Shearer. There's even homework - fun homework that the kids will hopefully enjoy. And, of course, that means I'll have to do it too if I'm going to help organize it.

So, I guess that means I do still have homework! Cool. So much for idle hands.

Be blessed.


John said...

Cool blog and nice family.

The Hafts Happenings said...

I am doing Beth Moore's Bible Study, Breaking Free - Updated Edition!! It's so good!!

Joanne Bischof said...

Nothin' like a Beth Moore study to give you writer's cramp :) But what a blessing it is to dig into the word that way!

Melanie said...

Hello! I'm a Melanie too! :) I absolutely LOVE Beth Moore's book. I wish my church held a Bible study.... You have such a nice blog!

~ ~

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