Friday, January 16, 2009

Flashback Friday

Anne over at My Tiny Kingdom had a great idea for Fridays called Flashback Friday. I'm not following along exactly as she said 'cause I honestly had a bit of a flashback of my own today and thought I'd share it.

I was asked today what Bible verse would I share with someone about to have a baby. I knew just the one it was and I'll never forget when God gave it to me. I was just home from the hospital with my firstborn and attempting to nurse her in my glider chair (it took a while to get the nursing thing down). I sat there, hormones raging, rocking and looking at this precious little miracle in my arms and feeling overwhelmed with awe and love and also the weirdness that I, the youngest in my family, was now a mother myself. I started to cry and pray asking God "Are You sure you know what you're doing allowing me to be a mother? I don't know what the heck I'm doing; kids don't like me; I've never even babysat in my life. I know nothing about kids. Lord, look at her. I need Your help if I'm gonna do this even close to right." He then reminded me of James 1:5 "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him."

I laughed and felt so grateful that God would not only give me what I lacked and do so generously but also that He would never think I was jerk for asking even the most basic questions. LOL I'm still grateful and I'm still asking and He's still providing. Praise His Name!

Lemme tell ya, It was fun going through all those baby pictures of my sweet girl too. I think I'm gonna like Flashback Fridays.

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

That was one of my happiest day of my life; the birth of my daughter. I am extremely blessed to have such a great family including my loving wife - my soul mate. I thank God for placing my wife, Melanie in my life.

De Anna Morris said...

What a beautiful picture and absolutely the most inspired verse in the Bible for new parents (or anyone!).
My own first born will be 18 and graduate this spring. We are considering colleges and listening as he thinks about his future. ANd I think "WOW!!! Where did the time go? and did I make the time worth it by telling him enough about the Word and how much God loves him?..."
Thankfully, I know that God makes up for what I lack...which is alot!
Thanks for reminding me today to look back and be thankful.


LynnSC said...

Oh Melanie... what a precious verse. God was so good to give it to you at that very moment. And that picture... so sweet!!

My 14 daughter found a picture of me at a baby shower for my first son... about 19 years ago. She just about died when she say my BIG hair. I tried to explain to her that everyone wore their hair like that then... but nothing stopped her laughter.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog again... my computer is DOWN for the count right now... my checking in will be a little slow for a while.

calista said...

Too sweet. Those days go by too fast don't they?