Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Lockness

I wrote this two years ago and am re-posting in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Deep within my right breast,
lurks a mysterious little something – I've named it Lockness.
Now, you might be thinking "This girl’s insane" but just sit tight and I’ll explain.

You see, I recently went for my annual exam and was handed a script for a mammogram.
I know it’s important for this to be done; I am, after all, past year 41.
So I made my appointment; I didn’t have to be pushed
To lay my breasts down and get alternately squished.

I was neither surprised to receive the next call.
“Additional views needed.” It’s routine, after all.
So I promptly was scheduled, put my right boob on the plate
and was then sent to the hall and asked…to just...wait…

Well, wait I sure did for what felt a long time.
Others came and they went; I felt less than fine.
Red flags shot up as people whispered my name.
“Just gathering information” was the only answer that came.
There’s an area of concern, I finally was told.
An ultrasound was needed. I suddenly felt cold.

I was led to a room and asked to lie down.
The last ultrasound I had, my belly was all round.
But a baby was not what this was about.
I tried to stay positive and fought off my doubt.

I could view the screen easily and was fascinated to see
What looked like an ocean – well, it did to me.
And that’s when I saw it – what they were looking for.
A dark shadowy something. Was that it? Would there be more?

She zeroed in on the area and measured, more or less.
And that’s when it struck me – that monster called Lockness.
It bobbed up and down, this threat in my breast.
I thought “I’m so weird” as she finished the test.

But happy I wasn’t and I started to pray
For peace while I waited to hear what they'd say.
Would my Lockness have teeth? The radiologist wasn’t sure.
But a biopsy would certainly tell everyone more.

I met with a surgeon the very next day.
She doesn’t think that it’s cancer. It doesn’t look that way.
She said cancer cells are jagged and much darker too.
But go ahead with the biopsy - try not to let it worry you.

So, a core-needle biopsy I’ll soon undergo.
And await the results that will finally show
If a cancerous threat lurks within my right breast…
This suspicious area I call Lockness.


Well, my story has an ending and it brought great relief
To learn that my Lockness had absolutely NO TEETH!

My results were benign, no cancer in sight.
But someone else just today learned she'll have to fight.
She's scared and confused, unsure how this will end.
Please say a prayer for this one, then get tested, my friend.

It doesn't take long, a firm squish and it's done.
Let's stay on our guard 'till the cancer-battle's been won!

Be blessed!


De Anna Morris said...

Melanie...I am so sorry you are having to go through the wait and see process. I was there this time last year and it is un-nerving... the waiting.

I will pray that you find the peace of our Saviour like never before. And that your sweet spirit will transform everyone you meet....

keep us posted!

calista said...

I am praying that it is nothing to worry about, maybe a cyst or something of that nature. But, I have to say, gurllll, you're talented. Great poem. You should submit it somewhere....don't know where, but somewhere!! :o)

LynnSC said...

Hi Melanie,
It has been such a long time since I hopped over to your blog. I don't know if you have already had your biopsy or not... but I will lift you up in prayer anyway.

Debi said...

I agree with the others, you have a remarkable way of writing your poetry. I would encourage you to submit this for publication.

Thank God for answered prayers.

Kathy said...

I have been there before...a lot of thoughts cross your mind. Thank God it was benign.
God Bless,

reta said...

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