Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day!

Praise the Lord, He is Risen!

I have a few favorite holidays and each one triggers a different emotional response. I think of Christmas and I feel happy, loved, warm and content. I think of Good Friday and I feel deeply humbled (and sad if I'm being honest). And then...there's Easter Sunday. Now, I'm not the most outwardly demonstrative type of person, but, I'm tellin' you, on Easter Sunday, on the inside I am dancin'!

I LOVE Easter! You see, if Jesus' story had stopped at His birth and the life He lived, then the other religions would be right where He is concerned. He'd have just been a prophet, a teacher, a good man and a good example of how to live. If it had stopped at his death, well, that would have made Him just like everybody else who's ever lived and died. But make no mistake, He was not and is not like ANYBODY else. He was and is fully God and fully man and by His own power, He resurrected from the dead. He is alive, alive, alive forevermore and seated at the right hand of the Father and currently interceding for you and for me.

I don't know about you, but I really need this wonderful holiday right now. From the depths of my soul, I need to remember that, because of THIS day, we, whose hope is in the Lord, have victory over EVERY trial, EVERY circumstance, EVERY temptation. Because of THIS day, we have reason to hope, the authority to pray, the power to believe. Because of THIS day we can know, that we know, that we know that we have the victory through Jesus Christ, the name above all names, the one who conquered death, Hell and the grave.

Praise the Lord! May you be exceedingly blessed beyond measure today.

Happy Resurrection Day! Here's some pics from our day. Hope you like.


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NANCY said...

Wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing. What beautiful pics!
In Him,