Monday, March 3, 2008

Strive to Thrive

Isn't this a nice picture? I like it a lot. It's just how I've been feeling the last couple of weeks. Everything was goin' fine, growing, feelin' good, then BAM. Stuff happens. Nothing major; not to me, personally, anyway. Just stuff - bumps-in-the-road, life stuff. I was going to say "nitty-gritty" stuff, but that would imply that what's been going on is not important or not worth the attention it required and that's not true.

There's been illness. My poor daughter has been having so much stomach pain over the last month - primarily at night. I finally took her to the doctor and walked out knowing absolutely nothing more then when we walked in, but with a recommendation to take her to a GI specialist and they don't have any openings 'till April. Joy. Let's pray we can figure this out and take care of it before then. And there was other stuff too - I'll just call them stresses to save time and keep myself from sounding too whiney.

But for two weeks, I've been concentrating on circumstances. Some things beyond my control and some things, like my daughter's stomach problems for example, I don't know how to control and am seeking answers. But I just started to feel so weighted down and isolated. Then I wonder if perhaps the "drama queen" in me is just making mountains out of mole hills.

Either way, I feel a bit like that flower - weighted down and cold. I know it's not just me. I imagine that some of this mood has to do with the end of winter doldrums. Spring is so close though and I'm determined to stand up straight and shake this heaviness off. I even got on my treadmill yesterday - now you know I've got to be desperate for change. Today promises to be a nice day weather-wise. High 50's and sunny. I've got the day off and I plan to get outside and enjoy some of it; gonna have some quiet time with the Lord and my Bible study, clean my house. Yep, by the end of this day I'm hoping to have built up some momentum again.

Gotta keep goin', keep striving, keep believing, keep hoping. As my father used to say "This too shall pass".

"Lord, since the day I saw You first,
My soul was satisfied;
And yet, because I see in part,
I'm searching more to find."

Matt Redman, "Intimacy"

Be blessed.

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