Friday, April 18, 2008

A Divine Jealousy

I'm jealous, Dear Jesus and it can't be right;
To envy this one so dear in Your sight.
Y'see, she's got this great passion, this fervor and love
For You, her sweet Savior sent from Heaven above.
She appreciates so all that You've done.
The sacrifice made by God's only son.

Is it okay to pray that I'd have the same?
That ferver and passion, to be overwhelmed that you came?

I've watched her on video and done studies she's written.
It's so obvious to me that, with You, she's quite smitten.
I can't help it, Dear Jesus. I want that too.
That special relationship between me and You.

Now my walk is not hers and her walk is not mine.
But with You as our Savior, both walks are Divine.

So perhaps this envy is not such a quagmire.
For perhaps You have used it to awaken desire.
Now to You, my Dear Jesus, I surrender my heart.
I give You the whole and not just a part.
Just don't let me stay as I've been before.
And I'll love you - Dear Jesus - forevermore.

I wrote this in response to Day 5 of Week 2 in Beth Moore's updated edition of A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place. After next week, this particular study will over but what I've learned through it will remain for a lifetime. Thank you Jesus for this beloved sister and the way you've used her over the last few years to lovingly prod me along in this wonderful journey with You. Few will ever know this side of heaven how You have changed my life through her.

Be blessed.

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LynnSC said...

I jumped over here from Beth's blog...and I'm glad that I did.
I have heard Beth say that she prayed to have what she saw in others that had such a passion for God's Word. God tells us to ask for what we don't have... so it is okay to want that same passion and love for Jesus. Go for it... pursue it. I am in it with you!!

I long to have what she has too. And I am going after it!!