Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Standing in the Need of Prayer

Ok, folks; if you read this before tomorrow (Wed), 10:30am-ish, I could really use some prayer. It's that lousy fear causing my heart to want to beat right out of my chest. Even now nearing a low-level panic attack.

Tomorrow morning, is "Sharing Day" at my women's Bible study group. Approximately 80 women or so will gather to share and testify to what God has done during this season of study. It's something to look forward to each year. This year, I have been asked to sing at the end.

Now, I always get nervous before I sing and, unfortunately, I'm not unacustomed to panic attacks either. The anxiety from anticipating this event, however, has been bad enough that I really wanted to get out of it. In fact, I got my out and took it but felt immediately convicted that I wasn't supposed to. So I have attempted to set it right and have sent an email saying I will sing if she still wants and/or needs me to.

So please pray for me. Pray that God would bless what I have to offer - if in fact, they still want me to sing. And, if so, please pray for God's peace to fall all over me. Fighting this fear is still a fairly new journey for me. In the past, I've allowed it to keep me frozen in my place, but no more. I may run to the bathroom a thousand times before I sing (too much info?), but sing I will, when I believe that's what God is asking of me.

Thank you!!!! May you be blessed.


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LynnSC said...

Oh Melanie, I am so thankful that I read this in time to pray for you. Fear is such a trap that the enemy uses on us. I have often been tripped up by fear. I pray that the Prince of Peace and the God of all comfort will send you His peace... not the world's peace... but His peace. I can't wait to hear how God uses this to grow you. Still praying, Lynn