Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday
I'm 41 years old.
No more a spring chicken
Or so I've been told.

Now I could spend my days
Trying to hang on to my youth.
But I don't have the energy
To tell you the truth.

And what's the point really?
Those days are past.
My energy's spent better
On things that will last.

Not that I'll sit idle.
No I'll try my best
To maintain that
With which I've been blessed.

Gray hair I will color
or occassionally pluck.
And Lord knows I could use
A little nip or a tuck.

But imperfections aside
I am happy to see
That I'm at the place in my life
I always hoped I would be.

I'm happily married
With two wonderful kids.
And God holds my life.
I'm eternally His.

So what could be better?
What more can I say?
Except Happy Birthday to me
I'm 41 today!


My cup runneth over... said...

Happy Birthday Melanie!!! Found your blog by way of Lynn's. I love your poem!
Hope your day is filled with joy!


LynnSC said...

Happy Late Birthday Melanie!! That poem is great. I pasted 41 a while back... but like I heard Beth Moore say once... I don't really like the way this age looks... but I do like the way it thinks and acts.

Hope you had a great day! Lynn