Monday, May 5, 2008

For My Mom

I wrote this a number of years ago for my mom and decided to honor her here as well. Plus, it helps keep my standing as her favorite! I know, mom, you "love us all the same." yeah, yeah, yeah. blah, blah, blah. Love you.

A Heritage of Love

As I look back so fondly at this life I've been given
With its ups and its downs and it's day-to-day living;
I remember with smiles and such joy in my heart.
For you, my dear mother, have played a huge part
in molding and caring and shaping, it's true.
So much of what's me comes from the love that's in you.

Thanks for artwork on lunch bags drawn lovingly each day.
And energy kept for times spent in play.
For catch in the yard with my sisters and me.
And singing on the couch to Donny and Marie.
For tuna with mustard and PB&J
Again I'll take time to say thank you this day.

For Christmas-time murals painted on windows each year,
Onlookers would come and they'd stare and they'd peer.
For Halloween stories told 'neath the table
To surpass our great fun, none would be able

Thanks for Saturday shopping and our ice cream stop
You showed me the meaning of shop 'till you drop.
For the kittens and puppies we convinced you to buy,
Your patience it seemed was in endless supply.
When giving your "pedicures" or "washing hair" on the floor
I thought I had fun; I think you had more.

I always enjoyed your "celebrity" stories;
And autoraphed pictures of stars in their glory.
I love to read books, both fiction and non.
I got that from you - you've passed that on.
Your imagination to me brings laughter and fun;
From wee little voices to songs that we'd sung.

You taught me the meaning of character and truth.
To just be myself and not be aloof.
And for times when I fell or came into harm,
You'd mend cuts and bruises or tickle my arm.

I heard you pray daily for strength when you're tired
The strength that God gave you I have to admire.
It showed up in ways like loving protection;
From caring for colds to lavish affection.

These moments of sharing were not simply fleeting.
They've grown me and shown me; these moments had meaning.
I believe they were lessons God ordained from above
to teach us His heart a lesson in love.

And the love that you learned so well from your mom
is the love that I learned from you (and then some).
My hope and my prayer is that I'll pass along
the love you have shown me so my kids will grow strong.

So thank you dear mother and God up above
For this thing that I call A Heritage of Love.

"Her children arise and call her blessed." Proverbs 31:28

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LynnSC said...

What an awesome honor for your mom. I believe that it is truly heartfelt. And I am sure that it has nothing to do with being her favorite. LOL!

Mom's do so much for us. I really appreciate your sharing this with us.