Monday, September 22, 2008

Go back to bed now sweetie...

My kids just crack me up. Last night, my sweet, mostly asleep daughter got up out of bed and came to me and said "It's not working." Now try to hear this as she said it, half-asleep, slurring her words with her eyes only barely open.

Me: What's not working, honey?
Her: Blowing on my's not working.
Me: Huh?
Her: The fan, blowing on my's not working.
Me: What???

She then ruffles through some papers on the table near me, hands me our little hometown paper and says.

"Here, hold this." Then proceeds into the bathroom and then back to bed.

She has no rememrance of this whatsoever and we all enjoyed a good laugh (me for the 2nd time) this morning.

Too funny.

Be blessed.

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LynnSC said...

I love sleepy children. They make me laugh!!