Monday, September 29, 2008

Seven Random Things

Well, I was visiting my blogger buddy, Lynn's blog at Somewhere in the Middle and she got tagged to share seven random things about herself. She then invited anyone who wanted to join in to do so. So here goes (yes, I tagged myself). What!? It's fun.

Ok, seven random things about myself...This is actually hard - how weird do I want to let you know I am? Hmmm.

1) I often pop a Lord of the Rings dvd in while I sort or fold laundry. Not always, mind you...but often. Sometimes I listen to one of Beth Moore's messages or I download a message from church.

2) I prefer Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi.

3) I am a major procrastinator when I have to do something I consider difficult or potentially unpleasant.

4) Growing up, I dreamed of performing (ok, starring) in a Broadway musical. Closest I ever got was when my friend, Gerry, got us front row, center seats to see Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby. We were right behind the orchestra pit and I could even see back stage. Not the dream but still very fun.

5) I spend a lot of time on the computer to the neglect of - ugggh - housework.

6) My favorite comfort food is peanut butter and jelly WITH a glass of chocolate milk, preferable Nesquik.

7) I crave afternoon naps.

So there you have it. My seven random things. Now, I'm supposed to tag seven other people but I don't know that many blogs, so I'll tag the ones I know and if you're reading this and want to play along, consider yourself tagged. C'mon, it's fun. Let me know if you do 'cause I'd like to read yours too.

Tag, you're it!

Tater Mama at TaterTales
Elaine at Peace for the Journey
Calista at Can I Get a Witness?
Nancy at Olive Leave Ministies

Be blessed!


LynnSC said...

Hey Melanie,
I am so glad that you joined in. It is fun isn't it???

I love peanut butter and jelly... but with a can of Spagetti o's. How crazy is that ??

Have fun,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm with you on #2, #5, and #7.

My comfort food of choice is icecream, chocolate and peanuts.

Love to run.

Love my ipod and Christian music, Brandon Heath as of late and Sara Groves.

Been known to dance while driving. I know. Scary.

Love wedding cake (doesn't matter if it's dry...I love me some wedding cake).

Favorite food: Italian/pasta.

Love Alicia Chole's book "Anonymous". Read it at least 8 times; could eat it if that were possible...

Anyway, thanks for checking in. I'm back in action, but will have a much more guarded approach when it comes to computer time.


calista said...

Seven random things.... let's see...I'm a talker so this is gonna be hard.....

1) I eat Doritos dipped in peanut butter.

2) I eat anything dipped in chocolate,(but that's most of us right?)

3) I love me some Beth Moore

4) I love to laugh, at everything, including myself

5) My girls homeschool me.

6) In many ways, I wish my current family was set in the 1890's instead of this time...geeky I know

7) Jesus is my best friend