Tuesday, October 7, 2008

An Apollo Fix

It's been a whole two weeks or so since I've posted on Apollo and I've got pics to share! Many of us know that having a puppy in the house is, in many ways, like having a baby around (only without the diapers! sigh...). Well, like any mother of a toddler knows, if it's too quiet, check 'em! They are surely up to no good. I was getting ready for work this morning and took the risk of leaving Apollo unsupervised since he seemed perfectly content laying on his blanket playing with his chew-toy. Well, as I flat-ironed my hair I thought it had been a little while, I should probably check on him. This first picture is what I found. Notice he still had his toy.

As adorable as he was I did kick him off - but not before I got the picture!

Still lovin' the sand

And the leaves...

And this is just plain cute.

Hope you liked. Be blessed.

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