Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids Do Say the Darndest Things

I was up at my kids' school today helping with health screenings - you know the whole weight, eyes and hearing checks, etc. My job was to usher the kids back and forth between rooms. Eyes and weight in this room, hearing across the hall. I really like this job 'cause I get to talk to the kids a little bit while they wait plus I'm usually able to catch one of my own kids either during the screening itself or just in the hallway between classes. That always gives my heart (and my face) a smile. I love their reaction when they see me so unexpectedly.

Anyway, I had a group of kindergardeners waiting to for their hearing test and with the school all decorated with fall themes made by the kids, I asked them to sit on the floor behind the scarecrow that's pasted on the wall. I told them he was the lineleader - they all respect that. Across from him was another scarecrow only this one didn't have a mouth as one of boys pointed out. So I asked them why they thought that was. One boy said it was because the scarecrow was cold so he had to pull his shirt up over his face (and demonstrated what he meant). Then one of the other boys said - and this totally cracked me up - that someone must have farted and it smelled bad so he pulled his shirt up as he pointed out that the tip of the scarecrow's nose was indeed covered by the shirt.

Sounds to me as if this boy or someone close to him has had some experience in the matter. I cracked up.

Hope you're having a sweet-smelling day.

Be blessed.

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calista said...

Gotta love the honesty of a kid!!