Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stick Me With a Fork, I Am Done

I should be going to bed right now because I am utterly exhausted. I mean emotionally, physically, eyes burning, tired. What a night it's been. I guess I just need to share before I crash.

First, I had to finally tell my pastor and worship leader, both of whom I love and respect immensely, that we believe God is calling us to a different church. I had been procrastinating on this for a while because, well, I knew it would be hard. I love this body of believers and they have meant so much to me and my family and I have poured so much of my own heart out there. As much as I believe we're doing what God is leading us to do, I had hoped it would be easier. I don't know why. From past experience I know that some of what God asks of me is not necessarily easy. I feel like I broke up with someone and asked them if we could still be friends. Is that ridiculous? You know what? Don't answer that. At least for a couple of days until I get some sleep, have had time to pray some more about it and can think with some clarity. Until then, please be kind.

Then after crying my eyes out there, I come home to find that Apollo has thrown up all over his crate and as I got him outside, he continued to throw up, was walking weird, stretching his back legs out straight, drooling like a broken faucet and generally looked awful. I was really worried and called the vet who had me come straight over.

After taking an xray they found what looked like tiny bone chips in his stomach. She said it looked like about 20 of them though when I looked at it, I didn't think it looked like quite that many but what the heck do I know; I'm not the doc. Anyway, she gave him all kinds of meds and fluids and some special high-fiber food to get things moving so he can hopefully pass them. I've got to give him Mylanta twice a day before eating. When we got home from the vet I still had to clean the mess in his crate and realized that part of what he had thrown up were these stupid red landscaping rocks we've got in our backyard. Now that didn't look like what I saw in the xray so I'm wondering if it was the rocks that made him get sick and the bones were already there. I don't know. I guess I'll call the vet in the morning.

I just feel awful for not keeping a better eye on him and I don't know if it's my own guilty imagination or what but I swear it seemed like the vet and company were lookin' and talkin' to me like I was just some irresponsible pet owner or something not worthy of this precious little guy. Now you all know we are just crazy about this dog. My poor daughter was beside herself with worry - I think having flashbacks about when we had to put our cocker spaniel down a little over a year ago. Poor kid had to go the bathroom twice and sat outside a couple of times to get some fresh air, pray and calm down a bit.

All of this on top of being concerned that my son's teacher wants a special conference. She did tell me why and it's nothing horrible and I'm sure I'll probably post about it in the future but for now, it's still a concern all the same.

But like my daddy used to say, "This too shall pass" (hopefully literally in Apollo's case). Beside, in about 15 minutes, it'll be a whole new 24 hour period. Glad to put this day behind me. Later, folks.

Be blessed.


Tater Mama said...

Bless. Your. Heart. I hope everyone is feeling better and will be looking for updates on your blog.

By the way, today's title is one of my husband's favorite expressions!

LynnSC said...

What a day... lucky for us, we know that God is still in control.

I just went through some meetings at my daughter's school... I understand your stress. But... God is a peace giver... things worked out okay.

Hope everyone is better now.