Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not Again...

I'm having another one of those days. Haven't I said that recently? I feel like I've been having quite a few of those lately.

I had a strong feeling this morning that I should not have been bringing Apollo down to the bus stop this morning. But do I listen to myself? Nooooooooo! He's been pulling on his leash like crazy lately - more so than usual and that little voice in my head said I should just leave him home.

Well, I didn't. He loves going down to the bus stop in the morning. He's like a celebrity down there. The kids love him; the adults love him; and Fred the black lab loves him too. They're good buds and always enjoy a little play time after the kids get on the bus.

Unfortunately, today things went a little awry (not a word I use everyday but it is what happened). After the kids got on the bus, Fred's dad and I brought the dogs together for their little howdy-do time and things were great until Apollo somehow got his toe stuck in Fred's collar. I'm tellin' you it was the freakiest thing I've ever seen. They wouldn't have been able to do that on purpose if they tried. Both dogs freaked out and were scared to death. Apollo got dragged a bit and dripped blood from his toe all the way home. I managed to get the bleeding stopped but things didn't look so good so I brought him to the vet to have him checked out and good thing I did.

He needed stitches between his toes and unfortunately had to be completely sedated to do it. So a simple, inexpensive procedure it was not. Oi Vey. Just when you think you have a chance to get out from behind the 8 ball, life happens. As they dragged him to the back, the poor thing was fighting to get back to me, crying and looking at me like he was pleading for me to save him from a fate worse than death.

Now the poor little(?) guy has his foot all bandaged up and lampshade (aka Elizabethan Collar) on his head. Just pitiful.

**P.S. It seems the stupic collar isn't keeping him from getting to his foot! Joy. Guess who's not gonna sleep well tonight.

***P.S.S. Well, I think we all slept most of the night anyway but the bonehead this morning got the cone off his head!!! Unbelievable. Off to get a BIGGER lampshade.


calista said...

Poor baby. A little pom-pom fringe from the Wal-Mart, and you have an instant "Lookin' Cute for Candy Day" costume, er,,,outfit, or, whatever.

This dog is PRESH-US

Tater Mama said...

That poor sweet puppy! Please give him a good old belly rub from the 4 Labs and me!

I love what you've done with your site! Soooo fancy!